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 LIEWOOD is based in Copenhagen and our universe is deeply rooted in the Nordic design tradition. LIEWOOD designs conceptually strong products - respecting the tenderness and innocence of childhood and the lifestyle of modern families. LIEWOOD creates irresistible products for the modern family. From organic textile products through soft and warm knitwear to a collection of stoneware in beautiful shapes and delicate colors. All together the products create a unique, pure and simple universe - and they are all a result of our 360- degree understanding of the overall design process. Our ambition is simple: to advocate slow living - creating products that will last for generations. Their products are capable of following contemporary families everywhere – with different purposes in mind and for generations to come. Pure shapes and delicate prints full of personality go hand in hand with functionality – making LIEWOOD the fun and fabulous alternative. LIEWOOD products are created on the basis of original workmanship, the nest materials and with a modern approach to design. We have high demands for quality in both products and customer service, and everything we do is done with care and consideration.

LIEWOOD has an uncompromising and ethical approach to manufacturing. We are driven by strong values and we make decisions based on profound knowledge and experience. This means that all our products are produced under controlled, safe and fair conditions and of skilled suppliers who do not compromise on either employment or environment. Our textile products are made in India at a GOTS (global organic textile Standard) certified supplier. We use the best possible materials, which have passed strict demands and quality control – and we personally follow each collection from drawing table to store shelf. LIEWOOD was founded in the summer of 2015 by Anne Marie Lie Nielsen and Anja Skov. The name LIEWOOD is a merge of the founders’ two last names - Skov being the Danish word for wood. Today the company is owned by Anne Marie and Anne Charlotte Hovard Lembye. Anne Marie has 13 years of experience in the fashion industry with design, sourcing and production for international retail brands. Anne Charlotte has worked in the international shipping industry for 11 years and spent the last 8 years heading up her own company within sourcing and production for the fashion industry. They have previously collaborated on both large-scale projects and smaller assignments, and share a mutual passion for design, aesthetics and the belief that beauty lies in the detail. At the same time, they complement each other perfectly - bringing each their own professional background into play. Being both moms of small children, they are in sync with the demands of a modern family, an understanding that is the heart and soul of LIEWOOD.

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